Board Everyday Minisode #1 – Solo Gaming

In our first Board Everyday minisode, Dan takes a few minutes to talk about the solo gaming he’s been diving into and what his experience has been thus far.

This episode contains portions of “Vodka and Beer” by The Vivisectors, licensed under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Find more at

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Gaming Dry Spells

I think we’ve all gone through it at one point or another. You’re chugging along fine, gaming a couple times a week, and life is good. Then suddenly your gaming opportunities just kinda…dwindle. You realize you’ve gone weeks without playing a game and can’t remember the last game night you attended. It’s easy to let a run like that get you down and have you considering your gaming on an existential level.

Buck up, little campers! For even though it may seem like you’re never going to get your copy of Through the Ages to the table again, this is only a phase. Things will come around. In the meantime? Here are some things you can do to keep your gaming mind sharp and keen…and maybe get you back in the game a bit quicker!

  • Brush up on rules – Look, your dry spell’s going to end eventually, right? So grab some rule books out and start reading. Keep games fresh in your mind that haven’t played that often.
  • Visit BoardGameGeek – I mean, I’d plug Board Everyday, but you’re already here. Obviously you’ll come here. But the wealth of information and content on BGG is staggering. News, session reports, reviews, strategies, videos…you name it and it’s there. It’s a great way to read about the games you love.
  • Learn some new games – We went over some tips for learning how to play a new game in the past. Well, no time like the present. Set that sucker up and take a turn or two. Make some notes, write up player aids…just immerse yourself in a game.
  • Play a digital version – If you’ve got a tablet or smartphone? See if you can download the digital version of a game. Even playing against a dumb AI is better than not playing.
  • Play a solitaire version – 8 of the Top 50 games on BGG come with rules for solo play right out of the box. I’m willing to bet that at least 10 more have rules someone has put together. Give them a shot! Or, you know, pick up wargaming. Plenty of solitaire games there!

Of course, maybe your gaming partners have moved away. Or you’ve moved to a new city. If that’s the case, well, how about trying to meet new gamers?

  • – Most cities of a decent size will have a boardgame Meetup group. And if not? Well, you can always start one!
  • Facebook – Look for gaming groups in your area and see if they are open to the public. That’s a great way to find new gaming partners.
  • Your FLGS – Most game stores have some form of board or card gaming that takes place on a regular basis. Check their website or Facebook page and see what you can find.

Let’s face it: life can really get in the way. Just this past Monday I chose to not play games because of a head cold…I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate and really enjoy myself. It happens. Busy lives are great, but sometimes gaming has to take a back seat. This too shall pass. Before you know it your gaming dance card will be full once more!