Board Everyday Podcast #18 – Granite Game Summit and Complexity in Games

This week we wrap up our trip to the Granite Game Summit, talk about the difference between complex and complicated, and whack Sean with a newspaper.

This episode contains portions of “Vodka and Beer” by The Vivisectors, licensed under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Find more at

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2 Replies to “Board Everyday Podcast #18 – Granite Game Summit and Complexity in Games”

  1. Since you guys are using my conversations as part of your content, I’d like to clarify a few things:

    First, if I ever told Sean that the black faction in Scythe (Saxon Empire) has a hard time winning, I was trying to make him feel better about crushing him. But I don’t think I said that. What I believe I said, is that I had been reading that collected play stats through some BGG group showed the yellow faction (Crimean Khante), which I had been playing, have a slight winning edge over the other factions. I believe the blue faction (Nordic Kingdoms) had the most difficult time winning.

    Regarding Twilight Struggle, I agree that the random dice rolling fits the purpose of the theme rather well. My surprise was, in fact, due to dice rolling randomness so heavily involved in the game that held the #1 BGG spot for so long. Before I had played it, I was expecting it to be a two person version of Diplomacy, where you really had control over everything you do, Instead, a lot of interactions come down to a 50/50 roll. There’s still a ton of strategy on how you play the cards, but I’m just surprised this was the #1 game…and that Pandemic Legacy got so much crap for replacing it.

  2. Thank you for the clarifications, Scot! In return, we will allow you to take the first swing at Sean with the newspaper.

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