Kickstarter Update – 2/7/2017

Much like flowers in the spring, the onset of the new year brings with it a whole slew of new Kickstarter games. Let’s start the new year off right and take a look at some ongoing projects!

First up we’ve got a perennial Kickstarter creator, Eagle Gryphon Games, with the newest addition to the Railways of the World series – Railways of Nippon:


Railways of Nippon (occasionally abbreviated as RON) is a 2 to 4 player version of Railways of the World (ROTW) and includes a new map of Japan designed by the superstar Japanese game designer Hisashi Hayashi. We have put this “base-game-equivalent for up to 4 players” edition together to invite new players to dive into the Railways of the World (ROTW) series at a great price. Improvements include:

  • A lower MSRP due to the reduction in size to 2-4 players
  • A much smaller and much sturdier box, sized for easier storage
  • New player colors that do not overlap the supply and demand colors of the cubes and the cities
  • A new ECM — the “timer” of the ROTW series of games
  • Water drops on the maps to indicate water hexes and avoid confusion
  • Four scoring track disks (in player colors
  • Optional Components (for sale separately) such as different-colored engines; hotels, mines, fuel depots; and switch tracks.


Railways of the World is an amazing game, and expansions are always welcome. If you’re looking to pick another one up, be sure to back this one before February 14th. [link]

Last year Alban Viard had Kickstarter success with Tramways, and he’s back again…with more for the same game! Expanding on the base game, here’s Tramways: Paris/New York City:


Tramways: Paris / New York City includes one large, 42cm × 60cm, 2-sided gameboard, folded into 4 sections, with a map of the Paris of the 1920s on one side, and a map of New York on the other side. It also includes a A4 rulesheet that explains the rules differences, and the peculiarities of each map.

Both maps have very special characteristics, and feature some traversable waterways. In Paris, you will have to make the best use of the river Seine, because not only can you build bridges across it, your passengers can ride along the Seine in tourist riverboats — Tramways is no longer only about the trams! In New York, you will need to cross the East River in order to access the most profitable and rentable areas of the city. This is going to require constructing some expensive bridges….

Both maps are illustrated by Todd Sanders, and these new maps will help highlight the depth of the game, while simulating construction in these two legendary cities, each with its own characteristics. I created these maps to recreate the time period and the geographical situation of these two metropolises in the early 1900s. I hope you will enjoy not only revisiting the game Tramways, but also riding the tramways through these two great cities at the turn of the prior century….


Be sure to head on over and check this one out. If you’re new to Tramways you can also get the base game, but only if you’re there by the 28th of February! [link]

The next project comes to us from another crowdfunding veteran, Indie Boards and Cards – a dungeon building adventure called Delve:


Brave Delvers from across the realm have journeyed to seek their fortune within the dungeons of Skull Cavern. Gold, treasures, and perilous encounters await behind every door! Grab your gear, sharpen your swords and watch out for those kobolds!

In Delve, players guide their band of adventurers through the dungeons of Skull Cavern. Each turn, place a dungeon tile and a delver, explore the dangers below and search for loot. When a room or corridor is completed, delvers must fight for their share of the gold and treasure. If a player manages to complete a room alone, they instead must overcome dangerous encounters before collecting their riches. Designed by legendary talents Richard Launius and Pete Shirey, Delve combines tile laying and an immersive narrative experience in a new and exciting way.


To get a deeper look at this one, get moving to Kickstarter before February 15th. [link]

In a marked departure from their recent projects, Gamelyn Games jumps into the 4X world with their big box game Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea:


Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X style board game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) for 2-6* players that plays in 2 hours, and features 80 highly detailed miniatures, including an option for pre-painted hero figures, and over 30 constructs! *To play with 5 or 6 players you would need at least 1 added Faction Pack. The core game plays 2-4 players.

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea breaks the mold of regular 4X games in that it is easy to learn, simple to play, and games only last 2 hours. It is a Scott Almes design after all, designer of the Tiny Epic series.

It’s this simple: each player performs two actions per round. You can take a Capital Action, which could be followed by other players by using a peon. Or, you may take a Conquest action, which can be rallied and allow you to double down on your own actions. After each player has taken their two actions, players will collect resources based on the regions they control and then start a new round. This continues until a player triggers one of the four end game conditions: Expand, Exploit, Explore, or Exterminate!


The 25th of February marks the end of this campaign, so go check it out today! [link]

One of our favorite party games is the fantastic Monikers, created by Alex Hague and Fred Benenson. Their next project seems to continue along these hilarious lines. Check out Pitch Deck:


The concept is super simple—combine a Pitch card from your hand with a Company card on the table to create a new business. Then everyone makes a quick elevator pitch describing what their company does. One person plays an investor, who decides which company everyone will secretly fund that round. At the end of the game, the funding amounts are revealed, and there are two winners: the person who pitched the most valuable company and the person who invested the most in that company.

We’ve been working on Pitch Deck for the past year, and we’ve gotten it to the perfect combination of smart/dumb that makes a party game great. Seeing friends and strangers pitch the most absurd, deranged, and oddly compelling startups has been some of best times we’ve ever had playing games.

We think you’ll love it.

It’s made by Fred Benenson and Alex Hague—the same internet weirdos behind Monikers (“the most you’ll ever laugh playing a game”) and Emoji Dick (“astoundingly useless”).


This project will only run until February 16th, so go take a look! [link]

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