Board Everyday Podcast #14 – 10×10 and Granite Game Summit

This week Dan and Laura sit down to talk about 10×10 challenges, the BG Stats app, and games they’ve played recently. Kimberly Bullock of the Granite Game Summit crew stops by to talk about their upcoming April event!

This episode contains portions of “Vodka and Beer” by The Vivisectors, licensed under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Find more at


  1. Scot Rose

    Nicely packed episode. I haven’t tried my copy of Expedition, yet, but happy to hear Laura survived a play. It’s one I was hoping for solo play. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on solo play. Can confirm the Board Game Stats app is $2.99.

    So excited for G2S, and the new venue. Going to have to bring the big coffee mug.

    1. Dan Cristelli

      Scot, Expedition is fun. I’m interested to see what the user generated content is like, and what the quality is of those adventures. I’ve talked about letting that app run combat for a “regular” RPG session as well. It’s an interesting thought!

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