Vinhos Gets the Deluxe Treatment

If you’re a fan of meaty, heavy games, there are few designers hotter than Vital Lacerda. This year saw the release of The Gallerist, which has been getting rave reviews and was getting a ton of play at BGG.CON 2015.

In the spring of 2015, rumblings started circulating about a deluxe edition of Vital’s first game, Vinhos. Now, “deluxe” editions are hit or miss in my book. Occasionally a publisher will want to update the art & components, which will make the game come with a heftier price tag. Rarely, the game will get an overhaul, updating gameplay, mechanics, or some other element.

So once word started spreading, a thread popped up on BoardGameGeek musing about possible changes, if any. Vital, who is very active on BGG, chimed in:

vinhos02“The original game will stay as it is, only with The new art and a few minor changes, like one more region, the official implementation of the setup variant and a small adjustment in players money distribution in setup. Then you can use one or many of the expansions the game will bring like Madeira, or the 5th estate, or new experts, the extended vineyards, the big wineres or more expensive cellars.

The new simplified version has a bit of a different gameplay. The bank action does not exist anymore, you have all money in your hand, you have a 5th estate from the start, the fair is more direct, you just send the wines get a resource and advance a number of steps equal to the wine value. You need to get the barrels from the managers in opposite of sending barrels to them. Another big change is the manager actions that use the same mechanics of the experts. There is a very cool mechanics at the end of each fair where players choose the extra actions for the rest of the game in exchange of a wine.
For the reactions so far, the game is simplier to explain but have the same depth as the original one. But. i’m bias about it, I’m sure you will tell me about it.”

Ah…we’ve got a redesign…and new art!


As more information has come out, we’ve learned that the game will include both the original version and a new simplified version which should open the game up to a wider audience, a dual-sided game board, and some new workers to choose from on your turn. We’ve also learned that Eagle-Gryphon Games will be publishing this one, so look for it on Kickstarter early next year!

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