Game News – More Stronghold Games Titles, Plaid Hat to Publish a Euro, and Stonemaier Shows Some Scythe

Stronghold Games continues to send out press releases about new games in their pipeline, and their catalog is getting more and more impressive with each announcement. This week was no exception as they announced two new offerings. First was that they had acquired the worldwide rights to the English language version of The Golden Ages, by Luigi Ferrini.


The Golden AgesThe Golden Ages is a euro-style civilization building game, where players lead their civilizations through 4 eras of history. During each era, the civilizations develop technologies, create fine arts, erect buildings, and build wonders. They send explorers to discover the continents, establish cities in distant lands, and send soldiers into battles.

 The Golden Ages offers players varied paths to victory. Civilizations may achieve greatness via the arts, history, wonders, technologies, military, income, secret future technologies, and more. The player who most successfully evolves their civilization through history, overwhelming their opponents on the way to glory, will score the most victory points and be declared the greatest civilization of all.


The Golden Ages will have an MSRP of $59.95 and is tentatively slated for an October release.

In another press release, Stronghold Games announced that they would release Porta Nigra, from the superstar design team of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, as the first in their “Great Designer Series”. This honor was originally given to Age of Reason by Martin Wallace, but those plans are on hold indefinitely.


Porta NigraPorta Nigra (or black gate) is a large Roman city gate, located in Trier, Germany, and dating back to the 2nd century. The game is set in that place and time with the players taking on the roles of Roman architects working on the city gate of Porta Nigra.

In Porta Nigra, 2 to 4 players each command a master builder, who moves around a circular track on the game board, enabling players to buy or build only where this master builder is located. Moving the master builder to farther locations along the track is expensive, so players must plan their movements and builds carefully. The number and type of actions that players may perform on their turn is determined from cards that each player has in their personal draw deck.

The buildings in Porta Nigra are erected physically on the game board at the various locations in the city. This is accomplished with 3-D plastic building pieces, which gives Porta Nigra a beautiful and compelling look on the table.


Porta Nigra is set to be released in November of 2015 and has an MSRP of $69.95. Something tells me that this won’t be the last major announcement from Stronghold this year!

phpodcastIn Episode 176 of the Plaid Hat Games Podcast, owner Colby Dauch revealed that Plaid Hat will be taking a step into the world of Eurogames. The game is currently called Caravan, and it seems like they will be sticking with that name. As this is the first Eurogame that Plaid Hat will release, they are taking a very interesting approach by skinning it with two different themes: the “Spice Road Edition” will have players trading goods along the Silk Road, and the “Crystal Golem Edition” which will feature “wee people” that use crystals as magic to create golems which perform manual labor for them.

When asked if there will be content or rules which are different between the two editions, Colby said “my intention is that you don’t buy both. My hope is that you pick one.” He stated the reasoning behind this being that “maybe one style wouldn’t have grabbed your attention where another does.” He went on to explain that this will be very interesting market research which will show how the theme really impacts a game along with opening his markets up for resale.

Personally, I applaud Plaid Hat for their openness about the two games being identical with exception to the theme. There are a few board game companies out there who seem to just do a cash grab with their fans and seem to have no remorse about it. It’s nice to see that there are still good people out there.

Caravan, or whatever it might wind up being called, is still in playtesting, so it might be a while before this one gets announced formally.

ScytheFinally we have an update on Scythe, a Stonemaier Game release which is slated for a mid-October launch on Kickstarter.

In the June Stonemaier Games newsletter, Jamey Stegmaier included a teaser image of the figures that will be included in Scythe with a brief update on their creation:

[well]Jakub Rozalski (Scythe worldbuilder and artist) has been working with 3D sculptors to design the miniatures for each of the characters and each of the mechs. This is our first game that involves miniatures, so we’re sending them to our manufacturer (Panda) very early to avoid running into any miniature-related delays after the Kickstarter campaign.[/well]

Stonemaier’s attention to detail is second to none and it sounds like this game will be no exception. These minis look amazing, and you can see a larger image and read each character’s back story on the Stonemaier Games website.



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