Game Day – Secret Santa and a Trip to Tokyo

Well, not REALLY a trip to Tokyo. But first? Let’s chat about Santa!

Every year BoardGameGeek has a massive Secret Santa program in which thousands of gamers from around the world send games to each other and help spread a little bit of the joy of the season. I was lucky enough to get an “active” Santa this year and received taunting emails about how much coal I was going to get and so on.

Thankfully Santa was able to shift me to the nice list…and I must have been VERY nice. My gift this year was The Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Terra Mystic: Fire and Ice. Talk about two of the most desired games of the season! I’ll have to get those to the table as soon as I can!

Sean is in town and swung by for dinner and a little gaming. First, according to the Bag of Destiny (no? maybe? I’m still not sure what to call it) we played Guilds of Cadwallon. And it was…well…just fine. Nothing exciting, just…fine. What I DID like was the conversation we had after trying to discuss the merits of the game. Laura and I both said “meh” and decided it probably didn’t have a place on our shelves. Sean thought maybe we were being a little harsh. He called it light, easy to learn, and kinda fun.

So, with that one out of the way we went back to the Satchel of Games to Come (nope, not that one) and drew out shelf ten. Which meant the next game was going to be King of Tokyo, as Sean has been dying to play this one.

After two games of this one (both of which Sean won…3-for-3 tonight…it’s like hell froze over) I sat back, looked at Sean, and said “ok, so NOW what do you think of Guilds of Cadwallon?” ┬áThis time he agreed with us. King of Tokyo is everything that he thought the first game was…except this was quite fun.

I leave you with this: take a look at the games you play. I mean a good hard look. Is it worth your time? Are the decisions meaningful? Do you enjoy interacting with the other players while you play? Can you see yourself playing again right afterwards? If you said yes to most of these, that game has a place in your collection.

But if you said no, it’s time to let go. There are other games to be played, after all.

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