Game Day – Christmas Sales Strike Back!

As a board gamer, I’ve come to love Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. As an Amazon Prime member, it’s also come to be a very dangerous time of year. When ordering from an online game store, you tend to be a lot more selective about sales. Most of them have a free shipping threshold of $100 or more – which is great when you’re placing a big order. For impulse buys? Well, $15 in shipping tends to sober you up as to the value of the deal quite quickly.

But Amazon just throws the deals at you, and with Prime you’ve got in in two days. For FREE. That, my friends, is how money seeps out of your wallet like a sieve. If Nations goes on sale one more time this holiday season I’m not sure I can resist.

Tsuro of the Seas
“You go first.” “No, YOU go first!”

Well, on Monday Amazon had a couple of deals that Laura and I decided to snatch up. The first was Steam Park, a game that my brother and sister-in-law both highly recommend. The second was a sequel to a game that we already own: Tsuro of the Seas.

Tsuro has long been one of our favorite games to play with a large group. It’s a simple little tile placement game that is easy for gamers and non-gamers alike to grasp and enjoy. Add in the invariable table talk and laughter that go along with being forced to play the one piece that will kill half the players and you’ve got a fun little game.

So when I chatted with the guys at Calliope Games about this new version at BGG.CON, I was intrigued. Where Tsuro is a game that will reward skillful play and caution, Tsuro of the Seas will reward your caution with a sea monster munching on your boat. I think the most interesting thing about this game is that it take a known product, modifies in such a way that it barely resembles its original form, and still keeps you interested.

I’ll touch more on all of this in a review, but Laura and I enjoyed this new take on an old favorite. Well played, Amazon. Well played.

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