Game Day – Revisiting Notre Dame

When we returned from BGG.CON, Laura and I decided to take a hard look at our collection (I guess as we’re getting married next year it is truly OURS now) and trim some of the fat, if you will. Now with a collection my our size, you can imagine that there are a number that haven’t been played. To help determine what should stay and what should we go we’ve flagged the games that haven’t been played since we’ve been together and started working on those.

Tonight we decided to play a game that had been marked. Normally this will help determine if we want to keep a game or not, but this one was in no danger of leaving (hey, baby steps, right?) – Notre Dame by Stefan Feld.

A yellow message waiting to be claimed
A yellow message waiting to be claimed

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played this one…and it still holds up quite well. Some games that are seven years old have started to show some clunkiness and age, where this one shows that it was on the cutting edge of game mechanics that are now widely used.

Laura enjoyed the game and we can see this being a good opening game on a game night. Not too heavy, but not exactly fluff. We played in about an hour, and it would probably be almost half that if we played it again immediately.

I think I’ll have to review this one soon…

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